Working Vape Bright Discount Code June 2017

Working Vape Bright Discount Code June 2017

Use the code CBDVAPELIFE to save 10% on your order. I used this coupon on a big order and saved over $20! It’s better to stock up now and save your hard-earned money than to place a small order now and buy your next order at full price.

vape bright starter kitVape Bright has a solid product that is great for pain relief. I use it personally and can attest to the quality. Personally, I’m in a lot of pain consistently. My neck is always stiff, my back hurts all the time and is very tender to the touch right under my right shoulder blade. I’m tired a lot and have spent months laying in the bed, and sometimes my skin hurts to the touch. It sucks to be honest with you, but nobody really cares.

It’s a tough pill to swallow, but it’s the truth. Maybe you have an extra loving spouse who will go out of their way to try and make you more comfortable, but at the end of the day they just want to be happy and follow their dreams. Having a pain stricken mate is more of an inconvenience than anything.

This reality didn’t fully hit me until I was dropping my wife off to an audition and told her, “I think I might be depressed.”

After quitting my job, moving to LA, and spending my life’s savings to support her dream, she replied, “Can this wait until after my audition?”

Me, *radio silence*.

(I wish I was making this story up for entertainment purposed, but it’s actually 100% true, unfortunately.)

That’s when I realized my usually loving and caring wife felt inconvenienced by me and just wanted to follow her dreams. She loves me and helps out a lot, but her happiness doesn’t care what I feel like. There are certain things she has to do to be happy, no matter what life throws at her.

Your Goals and Dreams Don’t Care

And of course, your goals and dreams don’t care about how much pain you’re in. I’ve tried to get sympathy from my goals and dreams, begging them to come to me a little easier than they come to most people because I’m in pain all they time.

My goals and dreams replied to me, “tough luck.”

In the face of adversity, I try that much harder. I pull strength from the depths of my soul and I pour it into my goals and dreams. That’s what my life is all about. Defying the odds to achieve maximum happiness and sharing it with others.

What helps me do that is CBD.

Why I Use Vape Bright CBD Cartridges

I’ve tried too many pain relief remedies to count, and you probably have too. The list goes on and on, and some even left me addicted. It’s a shame that there aren’t many good natural pain relief options out there.

Given all the biodiversity in the world, you would think there would be a couple plants that could provide massive pain relief. Right now, cannabis is the best bet based on my personal experience. I’ve tried all different kinds of cannabis, including marijuana and hemp. To tell you the truth, they both work but are good for different time and places.

Marijuana has a psychoactive cannabinoid (THC) that can be a deal breaker for some. It changes your mental state, which is both good and bad. Personally, when I use marijuana, I don’t function at my best. My pain subsides, which is awesome, but I can’t work while under the influence. I pretty much just get really hungry and lethargic. I know there’s supposed to be strains that make you motivated to go do stuff and strains that are supposed to mellow you out, but they all just mellow me out.

Moving to LA to support my wife’s dream gave me access to all the marijuana you could possible want. I tried it all, and it all made me very slow and unproductive. I still use it, but only at night when I’m done with work for the day. Using it during the day would result in a lot of eating and me being a couch potato.

Hemp CBD is my go to

Vape Bright makes their CBD cartridges from 100% pure hemp CBD oil. Hemp is still cannabis sativa, but it doesn’t have much THC in it. It is less than 1% THC whereas marijuana can be up to 20% THC. Hemp usually is much lower than 1%, closer to 0.10%. So basically, you won’t get high but you’ll still get the medicinal benefits of the major cannabinoid in hemp, CBD.

I use their CBD cartridges during the day to achieve a nice calming pain relief. It has been nothing short of a life saver. Before I found CBD, I was attempting to work while being high, which was disastrous. And before that, I would use opiates and kept trying other natural remedies to no avail. But with the CBD cartridges I’m able to stay alert and get the relief I’ve been seeking for so many years. It’s just an amazing feeling to wake up in pain, knowing I won’t be in it for long. It may sound weird, but anyone who’s in a similar situation would get what I mean.

Knowing you’re going to be in pain and don’t have a solution is just as painful mentally as it is physically.

vape bright thrive 10 pack

Opiates Suck (no offense)

I’ve been down the long and treacherous road of opiates, and I hated it a lot. The benefits they provide come at a heavy cost and actually pale in comparison to CBD in my opinion. Natural pain relievers like cannabis just seem to work with the human body much better than chemicals. Man made chemicals come on strong, have a bunch of side effects, and come off just as strong.

I’ve had some pretty bad days on opiates, none of which I’ve repeated since getting off of them. When you accidentally overdose on opiates, it gets pretty bad. You go from nodding your face off to collapsing without warning. Even though opiates took their toll on me, I’m still grateful to be where I am today. That chapter of my life is over and I’m going onward and upward.

Look At The Bright Side (pun intended)

Even though life tries to beat me up, and it may be doing the same thing to you, I try to look at the bright side no matter what. My friend once asked me, “Doesn’t it piss you off that CBD has been hiding in plain site all this time? You could have been feeling better for years had you known!”

While I do appreciate a friend that gets emotional about my well being, I don’t see it the same as her. Getting negative about all the tomfoolery going on with medicine isn’t going to make me feel better or happier, so I don’t bother. My attitude on life is to always look at the bright side because there are billions of people who would be grateful to be in my shoes.

I’m just happy I found CBD before I died. It’s never too late to find a good thing. Yeah, earlier is always better but as the saying goes, better late than never.

You may be new to CBD, or a seasoned vet. All that matters is you’re here now. You’ve been exposed to one of nature’s most magnificent plants. The question is, do you keep your little CBD secret or do you share it with the world?

Are You Going To Take The Challenge?

I have a challenge for you. We all know people who suffer from chronic pain. Several of my family members have conditions that range from arthritis to MS. They all use Vape Bright CBD cartridges now because I let them know how it’s helped me get my life back.

My challenge for you is to share this coupon code (CBDVAPELIFE) with your loved ones who could benefit from getting nearly instant pain relief. That way they can get a discount and try CBD. If you’re close enough, you could even let them try your CBD so they don’t have to spend any money to try it. That won’t work with out of town relatives, but it’s great for your closest family and friends as long as you don’t mind sharing the mouth piece.

Thank you for reading my story! I hope it helped you in some way that’s bigger than just a discount on a wonderful product.